We guarantee commitment to quality

Music lessons can make a difference in your life: and we are here to help

Music participation enhances: self confidence and esteem, problem solving, team work, goal setting, analytic and critical thinking skills

Your time is valuable: so we strive to help you fit music into your busy life style

No matter what instrument you play: we will get you start right, keep you motivated and celebrate your accomplishments with you on your journey

All age groups and experience levels: beginner, intermediate and advance musicians are all welcomed

Life-long music foundation: students learn music theory, sight reading, harmony, chord progression and various techniques.

Performance-based education: our performance program is at the heart of what makes FaMUSIC awesome. Students get the opportunity to play with seasoned musicians of our band in order to apply what they have learned and fine-tune their skills. This helps them to get a real-world stage experience.

We aim to inspire students and help them understand music as a form of art and expression